Omar Delgado Guevara


The beautiful city of Lhasa let us enjoy the streets to discover unexpected people in the city. From card games to chips for luck there is always a strong competition between the players. Either on the mountains or in the city, people is very friendly and helpful in case you get lost between the buildings and streets.

May Festival

2007 Was the year in which the Guadalajara May Festival had invited Germany as a guest for different cultural activities. One of those activities was the exhibition of the work of 2 Photographers, Michael Bry and his apprentice Omar Delgado.

Chinese Swimmers

In Changhun, China, either in summer or in winter, the people always enjoy the waters from the Nanhu lake. During summer the families gathered around the lake to get refreshed. During winter the people from the club house assit you to get into the almost frozen waters, while others walk around in the frozen area. Wither way, the Nanhu lake is a very popular place for people to gather and enjoy nature within the city.

China, Economic Boom

While the macro economy of China goes into a spectacular growing there are still many Chinese stocked between the ancient "hutongs" and the new housing developments.

This group of Chinese is in the middle of the progress, only half step forward. They are, somehow, preparing themselves to live the economic boom, the problem is that they are still not quite there, and they must adapt to the resources left by the Chinese that already moved on.

The promise from the housing developers is clear, come to enjoy a different life, here is the paradise... Either as a customer or as a worker all Chinese experience the economic boom. There are still questions regarding the new life to be answered but that seems to be a minor issue.

In the meantime, the life goes on in this very special environment between two worlds, the one the Chinese have lived in for centuries and the new one that still remains as a promise for the future..

Chinese games

In any environment, the Chinese people is always ready to play and compete. Either with cards, chess, sports or toys, there is always a good opportunity to enjoy the time with friends and try your luck in any of the many forms of games.


Right in the border between Rumania and Hungary the people of this small town still keep old traditions and practices. Always friendly, different families get together for the food preparation, of course Pálinka is part of the ritual.


Being one of the most developed cities in Europe, Timisoara and  its people is full of energy. Designated as the Capital of Culture in Europe, it always offers something interesting to its visitors. The streets are full of life and waiting to be explored and discovered.

Filarmonica de Chihuahua

Agradezco a Enrique y a Zura la oportunidad de haber disfrutado de los preparativos para la gala de Óéra en el Palacio de Gobierno de Chihuahua. Sin duda una experiencia muy enriquecedora y que me hace entender la música clásica desde el punto de vista de los músicos y los sacrificios que esto significa.

The island

To walk around Cuba is to walk to the past, a time not so far away when the people used to talk to each other, used to play cards, chess or domino on the streets, when the kids play baseball or football on the streets. That past that is well known to us and that we wish we could go back to.

Sweet 16 Mata Ortiz

Sweet 16 (in México 15 Años) in México is an important celebration in which the daughters are "presented" to society (this is the traditional definition) once they reach 15 year old. With special local traditions the family invites the entire town to celebrate with them this important event. Music and dancing, food and cake are an important part of the celebration.

The making of Territorio Creativo

The town of Mata Ortiz, in Chihuahua and close to the border with United States, is the setting for Desert pottery. A triptych about the ceramic artists couples Diego Valles and Carla Martinez, Hector Gallegos and Laura Bugarini, Javier Martinez and Gabriela Vizcarra. From the vein of mud in the desert to the fire that gives birth to the pot, they show their art style and their way of life.

TERRITORIO CREATIVO is a documentary miniseries that intimately portrays artists from different regions of Mexico as well as their understanding of the world reflected in the pieces.

The series presents in ten chapters the artistic process that involves carrying out a work and the personal history behind it. It offers a window to the intimate worlds and the ateliers of those who keep alive the millenary techniques inherited from generation to generation.

The plot of the series shows in detail how each character has chosen their form of art and how that form of art has chosen them. Combining their life stories with techniques and know-how transmitted, it also shows the geographies of the Creative territories of artists and small towns where that happens.

During the film, out of each one of the shown form of arts, a collective piece is created and integrated to the narrative of each chapter. So, through the collaboration of several artists in one piece, the complete development process of a master piece is shown.

This documentary miniseries aims to raise national and international awareness of the artistic diversity of various regions in Mexico.


Ocosingo, Chiapas, México

In 2001 moved to Frankfurt, Germany where he stayed for few months until moved again, this time to Czech Republic. There he had his first contact with photography while working as Engineer. 

Three years later he moved back to Germany where he became apprentice of a famous photographer, Michael Bry. With him he learned the roots of photography and I started to develop his own style: the relation between people, the accident as a photographic source, the solution of chaos, street photography, etc.

Since then he identifies himself with street photographers, Michael Bry, José Hernández-Claire, Dario Mitidieri, etc.

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